About Paya Darooyeh

Paya Darooyeh Company was established in 2001 with aim of importing basic materials for livestock and livestock medicines as well as medicines ready for livestock consumption and poultry consumption in 2001. The focus of the company‘s activity by 2007 was particularly on the provision of basic materials for veterinary and human medicines, which in a creative initiative undertook to provide comprehensive and comprehensive services package, including medical consultations and formulation, preparation and preparation of the pharmaceutical files needed by pharmaceutical products and raw materials, which played a strong role in the development of the country‘s veterinary and veterinary medicine products

We are honored ...

Paya Darooyeh Company has always been a step by promoting the scientific level of the country's pharmaceutical and veterinary industry by raising and implementing scientific content, holding seminars and scientific workshops, cooperation and studies with the country's academic centers and pharmaceutical industries in the highest quality levels, according to international standards, and a unique qualitative and scientific place nationwide.

Professional support

Scientific and technical support for livestock and poultry industry activists and end - users has been characterized by an experienced cadre

Original Products

Importer original products from European and European multinationals.

Expert Activity

Continuous identification of the needs of the livestock and poultry industry, and the effort to supply it.

Technical Resume

Over two decades of continuous activity in the field of raw materials, medicine and advanced equipment.


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